The Seller Sourcebook Website Review & Ratings + The Seller Sourcebook Coupons
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The Seller Sourcebook Website Review & Ratings + The Seller Sourcebook Coupons

The Seller Sourcebook : Products & Services

Sellersourcebook is a Listing Generator company for US, UK, ebay, AU, CA. Its main aim is to provide affordable auction tool, image hosting. This does not charge for ebay listing. It is created for auction and store listing. There is no need of HTML knowledge. People just need to type in their item’s title, details, select your images and ready to go. SSB does not charge you additional transaction fees, per item fees or insertion fees. 

The Seller Sourcebook : Company Background

It is a famous Listing Generator company. Mostly used for auction and listing. It was founded in 2003 and located in Atlanta United States. Now this company has achieved a number of customers. They have turbo listing software for listing and many other facilities to help develop listing for their customers. This company has been in business since 9 years 8 months (03 May 2003).

SSB is a certified eBay Compatible Application offering sellers intuitive tools to assist them in creating professional looking auctions. Those selling elsewhere may also use our image hosting, tools and templates to create listings which can be placed on the aucton site of their choice.


The Seller Sourcebook : Customer Feedback & Reviews

The customers gave good feedback in favor of the company. There are quite a few reviews over the internet. Many customers say they have been using this company’s services for two or more years and they all are satisfied. Customers have gotten very good outcome as it is a web based company and easy to use.

Here are some customer feedback taken from their testimonial page,

"I just signed up yesterday and I am having the most fun ever creating my listings. Your templates are awesome and everything is SO easy to use. I used to use (site name removed) and there is no comparison--you guys win hands down!" - Carolyn

"I have been a customer for years now and I just wanted to let you know that the new listing form with the design capabilities is fabulous!!! I am continually amazed and appreciative of the constant upgrades and user friendly products that you provide making my listings stand out. Class act all the way. Great product, low prices and best customer service I have ever experienced! " - Ilene

"Since I have began using you guys my auction bids have doubled on my items listed on Ebay. Your site is very easy to use, and your templates make every item I list look great. So much better than (site name removed), or any others I have used in the past. And it is actually fun using Sellers Source book, with so many great templates to choose from!" - Christin

"Thank you, Thank-you, THANK YOU!!!! After spending the past month as a new ebay seller struggling with listing items and trying to figure out why everyone else had such cute and cool listing, I found you!!! I love this site and I don't have to worry about you hasseling my customers with insurance so I can get basic free templates. Finally, a trustworthy, honerable site with great customer service that allows even the struggling computer whiz to list on ebay. You are the Best!!!!" - Veronica

"I've been a Sellersourcebook member almost from the beginning. I've seen the site grow and change over time and have always been an ardent fan and one of your immediate beta testers for whatever was new! I recently went over to (site name removed) to compare the 'useability' factor. I'm BBAAACCCKK! Your new version is more efficient and faster than've outdone yourself with the latest version...can't wait to see what lies ahead! - Robin

The Seller Sourcebook : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There is a high trustworthiness and belief of people in this company. Customers trust its billing and payment method. They say they feel secure and full confidence while making deals with the company. The company does not have BBB rating, available over the internet. They have not been covered by any major media outlet.

The Seller Sourcebook : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The website is popular and it has achieved Alex website ranking of 39744. The Sellersourcebook has Google rank page # 4 and has been in business since 05 May 2003. it receives 27677 reviews per day. It takes near about 1.8 sec to load a page which is faster than 41% website of the world. It has popular website score of 2 out of 5. It was last updated on 14 of Jan 2013.

The Seller Sourcebook : Social Media Presence

There is no social media presence of Sellersourcebook .The website has 348 back links .The website does not have pages on Google Plus. They do not operate blogs. Its data base was last updated on 14 of Jan 2013. There are 53 similar sites. There is no result found of the company on facebook.

The Seller Sourcebook : Website Security & Safety

The Sellersourcebook website is in English Language and its content is safe for kids and family. No virus is detected on the website. The company uses secure connection when taking payment details. The site is not currently listed as suspicious site while taking Google Diagnostic test. The company says it has sole ownership of data collection from its website.

The Seller Sourcebook : Pricing & Packages

In summarizing the top-level packages and pricing for this company's primary products or services.pricing services, it shows that SSB is a flat rate service; you pay one price and get all the benefits. SSB charges NO per item fees, NO insertion fees and NO transactions fee. The company has two basic plans like Monthly and Quarterly subscriptions for monthly subscription $8 is charged and it automatically updated, for Quarterly subscription $21 is charged, for detailed information you can contact the company. 

The Seller Sourcebook : Shipping Rates & Policies

There are no shipping policies. The company uses online method for supply of services. It creates a service account for a customer after completion of registration fee. It provides its products all around the world. The Sellersourcebook charges a nonrefundable fee for its services. Service depends upon the service pack chosen by the customers.

The Seller Sourcebook : Payment Methods Accepted

The company allows all major credit cards for transaction. As it is not shown on the website of the company, it does not have links for other payment methods like Debit Card, EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, QPass, etc. It is discussed on the website that it uses pay pal and there are certain rules for refund of payment , on going down on the website.

The Seller Sourcebook : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Sellersourcebook has applied very genuine, safe and flexible   rules for supply of services. It does not entertain any exchange method for provided services. Customer will have all access to the provided service, content and website of the company but it is customer who will be responsible for any damage or misuse of the product. The company disclaims solely for any warranty.

The Seller Sourcebook : Product images & screenshots
The Seller Sourcebook Coupons
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